Monday, February 13, 2012

Following vs. Google Friend Connect

Hey, Crazy Dreamers! So I've received feedback that people are confused about how to follow my blog, and also the difference between following and Google Friend Connect. So I thought it might be helpful to do a housekeeping post about the two, but I promise I will post later in the week with something much more fulfilling!

First of all, let me clarify that following and becoming a member is 100% FREE. Now that we have that out of the way, let's start tackling some questions. What does it mean to follow a blog? By following a blog, you will receive email notifications every time I post, so it will help keep you updated!

The easiest way to follow is to type your email into the Follower gadget in the sidebar.

After you type your email in, click "Submit." A FeedBurner window will pop up. Type in the word in the text box and click, "Complete Subscription Request." 

You'll receive a verification message in your email. 


Click on the link to activate your subscription. Congratulations! You are now a follower!

There's also something called "Google Friend Connect." Google Friend Connect goes one step further from following a blog, and that's becoming a member. When you become a member, you also receive email notifications every time I post, however you become a part of the blog and the blogging community. It's a way to show the blogging community what you're reading, and a way to connect with other readers. You can click on each icon to read a little bit about the other members (if they typed a bio), and also see what other sites they joined if you're looking for another blog to read.

Some of you may have noticed the list of followers in the sidebar.

Some of you may have followed by email, but may be wondering why your name/image isn't under the "Followers" list. This is because the people whose names appear under "Followers" are members of the blog. A key point to highlight is that following a blog does not make you a member.

To become a member, click on "Join this site." A window like the picture below will pop up. 

Unfortunately, Google Friend Connect only works with emails under Google, Twitter, or Yahoo. It's really easy to sign up for an account on any of them if you don't already have one and wish to become a member. Once you have your account, click on your email user and it will ask you to sign in. Then, it will have you sign up for Blogger, where you can choose a display name for yourself.

Congratulations! You are now a part of Blogger! This does not mean you have a blog though, it just means you have a Blogger account (which is, again, FREE). Feel free to do with it what you wish!

The easiest thing to do from here would be to go to my blog again and click "Join this site." You should already be logged in. You'll get a pop-up that asks you if you want to follow publicly, or privately. "Publicly" will display your image under "Followers" (although you don't have to have an image). "Privately" will keep your subscription private, but still allow you to stay updated. 

Then, just click on "Follow this blog" and whallah! You're a member!

I would love to be able to see who my fellow crazy dreamers are, but of course if you don't feel comfortable following or becoming a member, I'm still thrilled to have you stop by! To read more about the difference between "Follower" and "Google Friend Connect," follow this link. Please leave a comment or email me if you have any questions! 

Sweet dreams and happy noticing,

Megan ;)

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