Thursday, February 23, 2012

A House Like Me

The other day on the bus, my friend pointed out that most houses are symmetrical. So of course I spent the remainder of the bus ride staring out the window testing it out. At first I didn't see it because so many houses have garages now, but then my friend told me to "cut off" the garages, and in the twenty minute ride home, I had difficulty finding a house that wasn't symmetrical!
They were all so similar and...unimaginative. Which got me to thinking...

I do not want a symmetrical house
        I do not want a typical house.
                  Instead I want a Seussical house
                             So whimsical and comical
                                            Individual, unusual
                                                        Inspirational, unmistakable.
                                                                  A house that makes you go "hmm..."
                                                                  A house with personality.
                                                                  A house you can't exactly explain
                                                                  A house to represent me.

P.S. Did You Notice? is updated. Thanks to all those who participated in the last one! :)

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