Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mac and Tosh

I love the mornings when we get up early and just take off and go. I've certainly become more of a morning person. This summer I've had difficulty sleeping past 8:30, when during the school year I could sleep until 10:00 or later on the weekends. I'm sure I'll be cursing myself and wondering why I didn't take advantage of more sleep over the summer once school starts, but it's amazing how much you can accomplish when you get up early. And if I get up and get my physical activity done early, then I am much more productive throughout the day.

This morning was one of those mornings. Well, almost. My brother is at a basketball camp all this week, so we had to drop him off there first. But we were still out the door by 9:30, in time to catch the breakfast special at PB Boulangerie & Bistro, a french bakery in Wellfleet, MA. This bakery is certainly a hot spot in Wellfleet. At just 10:30 in the morning there was already a 30 minute wait (and yes, we waited). This bakery has everything from authentic open-faced sandwiches, flan, and various breads with names I can't pronounce. But we were here for the breakfast special, which is available until noon. For just $2.80, you can get a croissant, a fresh fruit, and a coffee. Considering it is regularly $2.80 for a lone croissant, this is quite a steal, and makes for a fun and inexpensive morning destination bike ride. Everything is more fun with a destination, especially when that destination happens to be food, and even more so when the road you take to get there is physical activity. So, you bike or run or whatever it is, and by the time you've arrived, you've worked up a well-deserved appetite.'n'_Dale
While waiting in line, I couldn't help doing some people-watching (because what else is there to do in a 30 minute line?) Luckily, there were two very comical ladies in front of me; two friends (who looked to be in their forties), who couldn't be more cordial towards one another. Mom said they were like Disney's Chip n' Dale (they were even dressed in similar shades of beige), the chipmunk cartoon duo created in 1943. However, before making the comparison, I did a little research. I found that while they are often pinned for an exaggerated politeness, it is actually a characteristic trait of Warner Bros. characters, Mac and Tosh, created by Robert Clampett (Warner Bros. animator) for a short film titled The Goofy Gophers (1947). To top off their ridiculous civility, they have British accents. How can you get any better than that?

After we finally got our breakfast, we found a seat on the porch. I immediately took out my notebook to record the ladies' conversation:

So do you think we should get a multi-grain bread? Yeah, is that what you're feeling?
Yes, definitely a multi-grain, and what about that farmer's bread? Doesn't it just look delicious?
Ohh you're right. Yes, let's do both.
And what about those cookies? They're the size of my face!
They do look tempting...ah, what the heck? Let's get a cookie to split. It's not like we have a wedding gown to fit into!
Excuse me, how may I help you? 
Oh, yes! Umm...we'll have one loaf of multi-grain bread, a farmer's bread you want the cookie?
Okay, and we'll have one oatmeal raisin cookie to split.
(undertone) Do they have chocolate chip?
Ohh I don't know. Do you have chocolate chip? No? Okay, we'll just stick with the oatmeal raisin. It's better for us anyway.
Okay, so I've got one loaf of multi-grain, one farmer's bread, and one oatmeal cookie––
Wait! Do you want a desert? Something chocolate?
Well, I don't really think I want chocolate for breakfast...
No, no, no, but for later? 
Oh, maybe for later...
Do you like chocolate?
I do like––
Have you ever had a chocolate tart?
Ohhh no, I haven't.
You HAVE to try a chocolate tart. 
Okay, so we'll have a chocolate tart, too.
So I have one loaf of multi-grain, one farmer's bread, one oatmeal raisin cookie, and one chocolate tart.
What about coffee? Do you want coffee?
Well, I guess we have coffee at home. Do you wanna just do coffee at home? Let's just do coffee at home.
So no coffee?
(looks at friend) No. No coffee.
So we have one loaf of multi-grain bread, one farmer's bread, one oatmeal raisin cookie, and one chocolate tart. Is that all?
One loaf of multi-grain bread, one farmer's bread, one oatmeal raisin cookie, and one chocolate tart. Yes, that's all.
(Thank you for repeating everything I just said.)

These ladies would be terrible at a buffet. But I'm not one to judge. I myself am an awfully indecisive person (especially when it comes to food), and I know my friend and I have probably definitely had very similar conversations. They certainly made the wait much more enjoyable.

Sweet Dreams,

Megan :)


Maddie said...

Mmmm that restaurant sounds amazing! Destinations always make things more enjoyable. People watching is always fun. The whole time we were on vacation my grandma kept saying "I love people watching!!"

Megan said...

Haha especially when you're on vacation. I love bringing my notebook with me whenever I go out in public, because you never know what interesting people will catch your eye. It's nice for a change of scenery. And if I don't happen to have a pen and paper, I always have the notepad on my phone! I have lots of random notes on my phone :P