Sunday, November 18, 2012


As I sat backstage yesterday at my school's final showing of "The Wiz," I couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness. This was the last time I would be performing as The Wiz. For five months, I wasn't just Megan Lovely. By day, yes. But as soon as I stepped through those auditorium doors, I was someone different. I was sassy. I was smooth. I was strong. I was confident, and this confidence started to become a part of me. So I couldn't help but feel like I was saying goodbye to an old friend last night, as I stepped on that stage for the last time in my gold heels, beehive hairdo, and "emerald wizard ring" (which bore a striking resemblance to a green Ring Pop). I hesitated as I held the makeup remover wipe in my hand, and stared at my reflection in the mirror for an extra moment. This was it; it was time to say goodbye to Ms. Wiz.

Unless you've been in theatre, I'm not sure if what I'm saying makes sense. But it's true. I spent five months with this character, polishing her and trying to figure out who she was. There was only the rare day that passed when I didn't go over my lines or songs, and it's hard to imagine that I no longer have to do that. Tuesday we have auditions for "Les Miserables" and I have to focus my attention on another character. Such is life; you move on. "But they're never really gone," a fellow cast member said last night. "If you do it right, every character becomes a part of you. Like I know whenever I tell someone off, I'll remember this role. Every character teaches you something." Like a friend. Every friend has something different to offer.

It's time to pack away the gold heels and prepare for the next audition. Ms. Wiz was my first lead, and I'll always remember her for that. She helped me be confident. She made me realize once again that the theatre is where I belong. And with that I took the makeup wipe and cleaned my face.


Mark S. said...

Love this Blog Megan. I'll never forget a play I was in a long long time ago. At the end of the closing performance, I sat beind the curtain and wept (openly I might add). I wept because it was over, I wept because the play was "The Passion", I wept because I sang the solo during the final scene where Jesus dies for us, I wept because I was truly moved by the cast, the music, the love of theatre, my love of people, my love of life.

Peace be with you young lady. Keep up the great blogging.

Mr. Mark :)

Megan said...

That means a lot, Mr. Mark! Thanks! There really is nothing like the feeling after a performance, and only someone who has been in some sort of performance can understand that feeling. There's just so much hard work that goes into it, and it feels so weird when it's over. I'm always filled with so much pride for everyone in the performance after it's over too, because I get to see a different side of them. I love the bows when I can watch everyone go up and take their moment of glory. I hope you have a happy new year! I'll have to try to make it to one of Meghan's plays!

Megan :)