Monday, February 11, 2013

The Star

I have a friend who dreams of being on Broadway. Whenever she talks about the future, she never says "If I become famous..." It's always "One day when I'm famous..." She visualizes it; she sees it. She just hasn't gotten there yet.

"Some people may think I'm conceded," she says," and that's okay. They see I have my headshot on my wall and think I'm full of myself, and that's okay too. This is what I need to do if I want to make it. I need to be confident in myself."

When I was three, the fortune teller looked at me.
She took my palm in her hand and she saw a star, and she said to my mom
"She'll be a star."
I will be the star.
Whether that star be shining on stage or in the classroom or underneath some big giving tree someday
with a notebook,
I will be the star.
I will sprinkle my stardust and people will remember my name, they will remember
the difference I made.
God only knows what octave I will reach, what journals I'll publish, what
credits I will receive but God I do believe,
God you can rest assured,
I will be the star.

Go be the star you were born to be.

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