Friday, May 24, 2013

The Price We Pay

Criss-cross applesauce on a car seat, the back reclined a little more forward than what is naturally comfortable. Pillow and Biology SAT II text book on my lap, highlighter and pencil in hand as I attempt to make use of this two and a half hour car ride. After I finish reading I’ll probably take a nap. I can't reach any of my other homework. The rest of it is under a king-sized headboard. My water bottle is somewhere underneath the king-sized mattress. We can’t even see out the back window. 

(It reminds me of the long road trips my family used to take, with suitcases stacked in the middle, separating my brother and I. If we tolerated each other that day, we would try and find a hole where we could pass notes or talk. Otherwise we ignored each other and were grateful for the physical barrier between us.)

This is the price we pay for a $50 king-sized bed and mattress. After the countless Craig’s list trips I’ve been dragged along on–an antique lamp table, a bookshelf, an old record machine–I don’t think I will ever buy anything new again. How could I? I’ll willingly crouch myself in the back of a car any day before I dish out a thousand dollars for a bed. 

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