Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Second Home

When my English teacher announced that we had to create a blog for our "Art of the Essay" class, I first thought about combining the two on "Crazy Dreamer." After thinking it through, though, I decided it would be best to keep the two separate.

My new blog is lamely titled (temporarily) "Art of the Essay." Writing is a collaborative process, which is why every student in the class was asked to create their own blog. On our blogs, we will be posting snippets of our work, along with ideas and questions we have, with the hope that people will leave feedback. Although the majority of the feedback will likely come from those within the class, I am always looking for feedback on my writing, and the wider audience I get, the better.

You can find all of my work at this link:

I have also posted it in the sidebar for future reference. Of course, I will still be maintaining this blog for my personal writing. My second blog will solely be a place for my academic writing.

I hope everyone is enjoying a final summer's weekend!

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