Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wildflowers in Bloom

"I'm an imperfect being, living in an uncertain world, and I embrace that."

This is a mantra someone told me recently, and it has been very helpful to meditate over. Denison has thrown me into a world full of uncertainty, and it has been scary. I'm surrounded by new people and new food and a new environment, away from the relationships I spent the last eighteen years of my life developing. I knew I was entering an uncertain environment when I chose to come to Denison. As I reflected back in my blog post from April, I recognized myself at St. Olaf. I didn't recognize myself at Denison, and that was (is) scary. Most of my life, I chose the certain option, the safe option. I chose what I knew would match the picture on the front of the flower seed packet. But when I chose to come to Denison, I didn't plant sunflowers or tulips. I planted wildflowers. And I'm growing.

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Marci said...

Hey Megan, this is Marci, from IACS. I'm so happy to hear you are beginning to find your way at Denison. I am also immensely grateful for this blog, because, as a senior myself this year, getting to read the honest, yet poetic thoughts and feelings of a person I have looked up to since freshman year is as comforting as graduation is scary. When you were at IACS, you were always kind of my rock, the person who never disappointed, and always put her heart into everything she did. Even though I miss you immensely, having something to hold on to makes me feel like you aren't really gone at all, just absent maybe. But even so, I know changing and moving on is an important part of life, and even acknowledge that you moving on to bigger and better stages is probably a part of why I now have the chance to shine as Ethel. As such, I'm working my tail off to honor your legacy, as well as the legacy of everyone who came before you in IACS drama, and I can't wait to see you when Footloose opens. (if you can make it) :)