Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Traditions

Merry Christmas everyone! Just looking outside it doesn't seem like Christmas due to the lack of snow, but holiday cheer is surely swirling through the air and seeing all the lights and Christmas trees aglow in everyone's homes is reassuring! Everyone has their favorite aspects of the holidays: the gift-giving, the food, the decorations, but my favorite is by far the family.

Last night, like every Christmas Eve, my mom's side of the family all gathered at our house. It was so much fun to see all of the cousins, especially because many of them are off at college now and Christmas is the only time of the year I can usually depend on seeing them. My cousins Sarah and Joe hadn't seen each other for two years because Joe couldn't make it to Christmas last year! It was a bit melancholy as I thought about everyone veering off in their own directions and moving out on their own. Everyone's growing up and going to live their dreams, but it was nice to see everyone coming back together. I feel fortunate that we have such a solid base to return home to every year.

The night was filled with the annual corny traditions, including my uncle dressing up as Santa Clause. There's always some new aspects of his wig to make fun of, and this year we all could've sworn my uncle curled the bangs. We continue the tradition of Santa for the younger cousins, which now only includes little Annie, who's 5, and Grace, who's 2. I'm glad we still have the joy of the younger ones, and it never gets old to see their wide-eyed faces as they anxiously help Santa give out the presents in his bag. It's the same jokes every year, with Santa never being able to read our names properly--"Sug? Sug? Is there a 'Sug' here? Oh! 'Gus'!"--, but somehow we still laugh every time. There are some things that never get old.

What are your holiday traditions? I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday filled with lots of joy and laughter! Maybe we'll get a little bit of snow by the end of the day so we can have a white Christmas.

Sweet Dreams,

Megan ;)

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