Sunday, April 1, 2012

At A Standstill
Everything today has been going slowly. I wake up, brush my teeth, and just lay in bed for thirty minutes with my glasses on but my eyes closed. Just thinking. Smiling. The house is quiet except for the light pitter-patter of the rain on the windowpanes. All the more reason to stay in bed. Eventually, though,  I do get up. I stretch, make myself breakfast (oatmeal of course, especially on a dreary morning) and chew slowly. Even my Global Studies homework doesn't seem so bad. I write word by word, pause. Let a daydream pass through. Mom and Michael come home from an auction. I admire the treasures they brought home and we chat. No rush. 

All day goes by like this, quickly but slowly. I am aware of each hour passing by, and it's a wonderful feeling, to be in no hurry. To be able to take my sweet 'ole time with everything. All day I journal, move my pen like a paintbrush across the page. I am in a daze. I'm not giddy or giggly or jumpy like I've been all week, but just genuinely happy, fulfilled. All day I smile to myself and listen to my favorite songs on repeat and let my mind wander. It's a beautiful day when you can let your mind take a leisurely stroll through dreamland without any curfew. I'll have to give my mind a vacation more often.

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