Sunday, April 29, 2012


Did you notice the sky today? So perfectly blue and not a single cloud in the sky. The Dogwood tree blooms pretty pink in the front yard and the petals open their faces to soak up the sun. The air is cool but refreshing like a dip in the ocean. The oatmeal this morning was especially tasty and particularly pretty with mango and bananas and strawberries. Owen was ever so charming this morning and our cat Maya wasn't so loud and snotty. I smiled at the sun, I smiled at the grass. Said, "How do you do?" to the dandelions and waved to the dog walkers. I ate breakfast with Grandma and took my sweet time. I sang to the dishes and danced in bare feet. 11:11 comes along, and I can't think of a wish. My life is complete.

What do you wish for when you see 11:11 light up on the clock? Or when you blow out your birthday candles? What do you wish for on an eyelash? Or a dandelion puff? Or a shooting star? Don't answer out loud. Do you usually wish for the same thing? Or something different every time? Wishes are the perfect time to ask for guidance with your crazy dreams. It's a wish, after all. Cinderella wanted to go to the ball in a pumpkin carriage. No dream, no wish, is too crazy. All you need is a little bibbity-boppity-boo.

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