Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Dandelion Seed

A dandelion seed floated over my notebook. Over my Pilot G-2 07 ink pen that stains my hand blue. Over the plastic spoon in my Chobani cup. It was like an exotic fairy with a white peacock headdress. It asked me to follow it. I stood on the brick wall and leaned forward on my tip-toes, but I couldn't fly and I wasn't light enough to be carried in the breeze.

I watched it.

My first thought was to make a wish, but I feared I would overwrite a wish it perhaps already carried. I thought about what that wish may be. Maybe a wish for love. For a message from God. Time. "I forgive you." A call from a daughter or son. A job. A puppy. A Barbie Color-Change Mermaid doll. A college acceptance letter. A text. A hundred more wishes.

Maybe it was a message that I'm okay. That everything will be okay. A reassuring pat on the shoulder.

Maybe it was a sign to move on. Forget about what could have been or might have been. Enjoy summer.

Maybe it was just a dandelion seed, detached by the breeze. And maybe I shouldn't analyze so much.

I watched until it disappeared from sight, off to catch a ride on a shooting star.

1 comment:

Shelby Helen said...

Really beautiful. Even when you're just telling a story, it sounds like poetry. Really cool experience. :)