Thursday, October 20, 2011

On Moving On

Bad Romance Lady Gaga
Breakeven (Falling to Pieces) The Script
Fifteen Taylor Swift
G.N.O. (Girl's Night Out) Miley Cyrus
Grenade Bruno Mars
Hot n' Cold Katy Perry
Just the Way You Are Bruno Mars
Love Drunk Boys Like Girls
Fall For You Secondhand Serenade
Mixed Up Hannah Montana
Picture to Burn Taylor Swift
Shine Hilary Duff
The Story of Us Taylor Swift
Teardrops on My Guitar Taylor Swift
Who's That Girl? Hilary Duff
You Belong With Me Taylor Swift
7 Things Miley Cyrus

We're not gonna win every battle; we're not gonna win every guy. We're not gonna win every race; no matter how hard we try. Sometimes we try, and we try and we try and we try and we still, still cannot get the guy. All we keep asking ourselves is, "Where did I go wrong?" Nowhere. Most likely, you did nothing; even more likely, you probably did everything right but it just wasn't enough. Sometimes it won't always be, no matter how many times people tell you, "Your best is good enough." Sometimes, we just have to take our losses and move on, because after a certain point, the more you bet, the more you lose.  And you owe it to yourself to not prolong the pain. Don't get stuck in a whirlpool.

When I find myself stuck, I listen to music. I make playlists and listen over and over and over again. It's comforting, because you realize you're not alone. Someone else, someone even as popular as Taylor Swift or Bruno Mars, has felt the same pain as you. They, too, have been vulnerable at some point. And where you, we, I at least, may lack the words, they fill in. It's almost as if eventually, after listening to a song enough, I start to believe it.

Sweet dreams,

Megan ;)

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