Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Weirdly Coincidental Dream

Some people claim they don't dream. I heard once that everyone dreams, but it is a question of one remembering them. Personally, I love to dream. Sometimes when I lay down to sleep, I just stare at the ceiling for a few moments, wondering what I'm going to dream about. It's exciting, really, because in a dream, you're invincible. You can be anyone, anything. The possibilities are endless! Often I find that I'm much braver in a dream than I would be normally, bolder, more confident. Sometimes I wish I was more like my dream-self, sometimes I wish I lived in a dream. I love the idea that nothing can go wrong. Because even if you mess up, you can always wake up. I love that feeling when you wake up after a bad dream, lay in bed and feel that relief of, "Oh, thank goodness that was just a dream." I had a dream once where I realized I was in a dream during the dream, and therefore realized I could do whatever I wanted! Unfortunately, the dream ended before I got to the place I had intended to go, but still, fun!

Over the years, people have studied the meaning behind dreams. There are always those forwards that go around with things like, "If you dream about someone, that means they went to sleep thinking about you." Personally, I don't buy it. However, it is interesting to read into the possible explanations behind dreams, especially when they seem extremely irrelevant. Check out this fun website if you're curious about your own dreams!

I usually find that my dreams are oddly relevant to what's going on around me, like last night. Our cross country team once again raced at Franklin Park today, home to the infamous Bear Cage Hill. However, today was fairly more...professional, crowded, and, to be frank, out-right intimidating. There were over 1000 runners registered between the four age groups, about 130 in mine (13-14). As you may recall from last week, my goal was to beat my two teammates who decided to sneak up on me the last 20m. That must've been weighing pretty heavily on my mind last night, as well as my best friend who is recovering from AML Leukemia. From what I remember, I was racing my two friends, which would symbolize the upcoming race. However, this wasn't just a cross country race; this was a cross country race on unicorns! I remember thinking to myself in the dream, "Unicorns were her [my best friend] favorite animal when we were kids! So, I'm gonna win this race in honor of her!" Representing my "urge to surge." Unfortunately, my teammates beat me, and I woke up in the middle of the night thinking, half-delirous, "Could this be a sign?" Ignoring it, I went back to bed.

In the morning I told my teammates the dream, which we all laughed at. However, when we arrived at Franklin Park we saw, plastered on every poster, none other than...a unicorn! And sure teammates beat me.

That's probably one dream I wish didn't come true...but it was still a good race :)

Sweet dreams,
Megan ;)

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