Thursday, March 1, 2012

Into the Wardrobe
When I woke up to a white-frosted world this morning, I knew my skis were in for a treat. All winter they had been waiting, waiting for snow to fall so they could revisit Narnia, because every time I step in the woods in winter, I can't help but feel like I, too, am but a character of C.S. Lewis's imagination. 

I part the branches and brambles and frozen flower buds that had been tricked into early bloom, and it is like I had stepped into the wardrobe. Behind me lay a world so ordinary, where animals don't talk and trees go bare in the winter. But here, here the trees are dressed to the nines in their finest furs, wearing them as they see best flatter their curves. White fox scarves wrapped tightly around their necks and rabbit fur gloves that stretch up to their shoulders. The women curtsy and the men tip their hats, sometimes a little too generously as they fall and land on my head.  

I pull down my neck warmer to let the cool air bite my chin and my nose breath the fresh air, not the hot air circulating in my jacket. Snow perches on my eyelashes and I roll my eyes to see their different shapes but they melt and drip in my eyes before I have the chance. Snow puffs around my ankles like powdered sugar. My cheeks flush rosy-red like Santa Claus. 

I follow the animal tracks and who knows, perhaps they will lead me to a beaver's den, or a faun's home. Oh I hope a faun's home! Where I can warm my frozen hands on a hot mug of tea and dry my boots by the fire as he plays me a Narnia lullaby. He will be ever so hospitable and welcoming, but really I must be getting home, it is getting late, dark. And it is just my imagination, or was that the howl of wolves, pursuing me for the White Witch? I must move fast, lest I risk running into the hands of the White Witch.  I can't wait to bring the others back, though! Show them the wonders of a snowy wood, show them what lay beyond the wardrobe. 

How do you enjoy the snow? Do you admire up close or from afar? I have to say it's been quite a winter in my area...snow in October, nothing November-February, and again the first day of March. It was the perfect opportunity to stay in my PJ's all day and curl up with a hot cup of soup for lunch. After all day of staying inside, though, I couldn't resist; I had to visit Narnia just once before it melted back into the everyday. (And it gave me lots to notice ;) )

Sweet Winter Dreams,

Megan ;)

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