Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cooped Up

Mother Nature is on her own schedule this year. It doesn't matter that it's the end of March and technically spring...we still have snow on the ground. Welcome to New England. Two weeks ago I saw a robin and the birds chirped in the morning and flower buds began to peak out, and it really started to feel like spring. Early April Fools! A foot of snow last Tuesday.

I'm ready for hibernation to be over. I'm feeling antsy. I want to swim in the ocean and bike ride to get French pastries and run in shorts and a T-shirt. I'm anxious to read my book outside and feel the sand between my toes...I'm tired of socks.

Outside slush runs off the roof, and with it, winter hopefully melts away for the season. A cool breeze blows the brittle branches of the dogwood tree now, but soon the temperature will rise and the branches will be warm with full fuzzy flower buds. The sun struggles to force her way through a mass of clouds, but she's there. She has not abandoned us.

My winter jacket is like a binding. I just want to spread my wings and fly in a warm breeze.

I agree with Maya Angelou. "I know why the caged bird sings."

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